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Blooming - A season to express yourself

"Time to hit refresh in order to thrive...." - Alyssa S. LMHC

Where are you planted?

Wherever you are, stop and bloom.


Make the best of out your situation.

Sometimes we can make excuses and rationale for not growing because we "aren't where we want to be yet.." however what if the change we are seeking is exactly where it is supposed to start?

Example: The next time you go for a walk, peek at the cracks. Notice how a dry, barren sidewalk with foot traffic can not stop a plant's bloom! We are planted where we are for a reason - stop and think what foundation you are on and how you can use the resources there to start your bloom.

What is a bloom?

Blooming is for you to customize as a "what is takes" goal to obtain your desired potential. For instance, if someone walked up to you and stated : "Wow you sure are glowing!...You look so happy!" What would be different in your life?

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