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Changing the Generational Narrative Workshop

Have you ever leaned out of your reality and pondered: "how did it get this way?....or how did I end up like _____ ?"

Yes? Answer: You are not dreaming or imagining, you have cracked the code to discovering a real phenomenon - Generational Trauma.

Emotions such as anger, pain, suffering, anxiety, and relationships with money, can be passed down from generation to generation. It can come out in relationships and can dictate the course and quality of any level of relationship. There is a personalization (the "it must be something wrong with me thought") that takes place and when there is self-blame or self-pity (the "I knew it would happen this way" thought) the next step is personalization to result unintentional projection on the next generation (example: a son who watched his father physically abuse his mother, also physically abuses his wife).

This year has started out with uncovering "what happened then?" By answering this question, you are clear and focus on what you need to embrace, fill in the gaps about, and release as no longer serving. We all have a lineage, history, and stories apart of our story. It is valuable to understand the themes that have aligned paths for you, as well as have the influence of steering you. I have created a workshop to break down the parts of generational trauma, awareness of what type of traumas you may align with, how to break them, and how to move forward.

It will be DYNAMIC.

I offer 2 hours of in-depth education to facilitate the reasoning you need in order to discover. We will flow through a free eWorkbook I provide for the course. I also incorporate a guided, sound bowl meditation to assist you in reaching within to access the you that wants to be seen and heard........

that is under the trauma.

I have the registration link below if you are aligned and full the pull. Sending light, Alyssa

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