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Is it time for a
Connection Opportunity?

Connecting within and between

Self Care - individual sessions

How many times have you heard the term self care, spoken the term to others, but actually taken opportunity to act on it yourself? Self Care within Peaceful Connections would be individual talk therapy sessions that would serve more of goal setting and growth activities to enhance way to connect with the person you are around the


Quality Engagement with a significant other is crucial to thrive towards collective goals and effective communication. If unbalanced in a relationship, taking consideration to focus on calibration skills to assist in understanding and listening to one another would be a top priority in order to inhibit any destructive patterns and cycles. I am Gottman Level 1 trained to apply specialized interventions to enhance communication, trust, and intimacy. During sessions, we would collaborate together as a trio to address all terrains in the relationship in order to reach higher ground and equal footing.

Female Friends
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Connecting to the future


In exploring your life's purpose, we take take part in a journey not only to assist you in discovering what you do well, however what special gifts and talents you have waiting to be grabbed and pulled into your waking life. 




Feel free to contact me at : to set up an appointment to discuss if collaborating would be the best fit for you! 

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