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It's time to reconnect...with you.

Well, here we are in the energy of Sagitarrius, which is all about expansion, wonder, and search for greater meaning and purpose.

Have you recently noticed yourself asking some BIG and REAL questions to yourself?

Out of the depths of Scorpio's purposeful instability to shake off the old, now we enter the time to reflect on the "WHY?" and "So what does that mean?" questions.

In order to find the answers, following your intuition is important.

If you have the tug to travel - go.

If you want to try something new - do it.

The Sagitarrius nature is driven to discover and act towards freedom, zoned initiatives. If trying "the new" or getting out of your comfort zone has been challenging, try keeping these points in mind:

  1. Know that the comfort doesn't have to be instant. We are programmed to think new equals danger. Even the worry of not looking good in front of others, or others' opinions - let them go.

  2. On that one is watching you. Seriously, no one cares about your performance as it pertains to something new. What do they have to judge, without knowing what your goals and objectives are?

  3. Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. Go in wanting to experience, not master.

If you are seeking to discover more in depth about the layers of yourself, check out my Self Discovery experience which has the theme of finding your fit and purpose.

Comment your reaction - what are you willing to try this season?

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