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Release and Let Go through Sound

We are over the halfway point in our friendship series.

As we prepare to let go, first we release.

In identifying and working through potential grief in your friendship, are you looking to release the sadness, anger, and possible regret in believing in what you thought the friendship actually was? ....In general, are you tired of carrying the heavy burden of old grievances?

Releasing is the avenue to receive love because life can get heavy sometimes, and we often feel pain in our one or more of our chakra centers, when we hold on to our hurt. Sound is a powerful medium to bypassing the conscious mind and accessing stuck emotion.

For this aligned reason, I have opened up the FIRST, Crystal Bowl Sound session to which we will channel in to release! See the link below to sign up on 05/14/2022!

You may be wondering, if this is for me...

I have 4 reasons to consider:

1. you find yourself struggling to maintain relationships

2. you find yourself having a hard time letting the past go

3. you find yourself struggling to forgive others.

4. you have trouble receiving or giving love

Only 5 seats open for this magnetic event! Check in and get locked in!

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