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5 strengths of a healthy relationship

  1. Accountability - Well, let's start with perhaps the most difficult shall we ? :) Accountability is simply shifting blame into recognition of the self as it pertains to challenges in your relationships(s). It is not making it about a mistake or being wrong, but simply reasoning with yourself and explaining to your relationship partner, "this was my part in making you feel _______ and next time I will do/say/react ______ instead..."

  2. Feeling safe and supported - Within every type of relationship, boundaries are an absolute necessity. I typically avoid polarities, or in other words...a this or that mindset, however this is where boundaries are important: reducing intimidation and creating a space for your partner to speak freely. How can we expect to have a relationship with "open and safe communication..." that is sparked quickly into an argument? The experience of feeling supported in a relationship comes first with understanding your partner, reciprocated encouragement, and valuing differences of opinion. Do you see a relationship between the two? It is nearly impossible to feel valued in a relationship that does not have clear, respectful boundaries.

  3. Honesty - The underlying context of honesty is communication. The real part of an honest conversation is telling the truth. The whole truth. Even if it could temporarily make our partner feel uncomfortable truth. Here is why: the number one reason why needs are not met in a relationship sparks from one or both parties not being completely honest about what they want and/or need from their partner to feel.......wait for it.....valued and supported!

  4. Cooperation - Have you played with play-do before? If so, you might have noticed the effortless way it bends and molds as a result of you changing its form? So is the same attitude needed within a relationship. Cooperation is all about compromise, working together towards a common goal, and accepting changes within yourself, your partner, and direction of your relationship.

  5. Trust - Paradoxically written, trust is likely the most fragile strength of relationship. The time to build varies, however only a second to destroy. Trust is all about acceptance. How do you accept the promises your partner tells you? How much do you feel he/she tells you the truth? Giving the benefit over doubt is the skill of developing trust. Without evidence, there is no proof.

Well! ...5 strengths to establish and maintain within a relationship. What are your thoughts?

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